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Win32 Assembler Coding Tutorial

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The Tutorial:

The FAQ:

ZIP-files required in the tutorial:

asmtut0e, the source code of the 1st part
asmtut1e, the source code of the 2nd part
asmtut2, the source code of the 3rd part
asmtut3, the source code of the 4th part
asmtut4, the source code of the 5th part

Compiler, Tools and other files are available from the following sites

(links open in an new window):

The Win32 - API as *.HLP file is available from Borland as a part of the Delphi Help or as a part of the C++ Help.
You can also download Turbo Debugger for Win32 there. Works with all programs, but source code level debugging requires the program file being created by Borland tools.

ALINK homepage
ALINK is a linker creating executables. Especially useful in conjunction with NASM.

The home of the Netwide ASeMbler project. Get the free assembler NASM there.

Offers the windows.inc for NASM. Search for the Win32NASM-Toolkit.

Hutch´s page
Does not only contain MASM but also other asm stuff.

Contains detailed information about downloading MASM and its tools.

My coding links as well as the Win32Asm FAQ include further asm links. There are also plenty of ressources in the webring below.

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