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PC configuration hints not to be found elsewhere

general Software issues


Hardware and Driver issues

Recommended links

provides tools and drivers like UMBPCI, especially if you want to enhance your DOS configuration. Provides useful information for USB stuff as well.

provides an UDMA drivers for DOS as well as a DOS USB driver disk

VCool RMClock
is a tool for Windows and Linux which enables the power saving mode of the AMD K7 CPU which is disabled on most boards. RMClock also supports P4 and Core CPUs.

has some valuable tools and hints concerning chipsets and OS configuration.

is a valuable and compact tool for GPRS/UMTS/EDGE modems with many additional options.

BIOS specific:

Award BIOS Editor
A program for modifying binary AWARD BIOS files

provides a program for modifying you BIOS as well as a bunch of already patched files. Does a great job in adding support for newer CPUs in old BIOSses as well as fixing harddisk compatibility problems

Wims BIOS page
is a great source for BIOS files and related tips

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