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Demo Compatibility List


xDemo runs with sound
xDemo runs but without playing back sound properly
-Demo does not run
memDemo requires a large amount of conventional (low) memory

Test environment used:

Windows 2000

Windows 95 OSR 2.1

Compatibility List

Name Group Comments GUSemu32
- #Cokers uses Midas x -  
&I Symptom   x x  
1200 Firg! Port220 recommended x x  
18 Days Requiem   x -  
1st Infect n-Factor   - x  
1st March Sand & Universe uses MidasSoundSystem x x  
1st Time Gugi9000/Plutonic   x x  
24 Hours Heaven slow timing under Win2k, Sound always broken under Win9x x -  
2 Cents Mental Design long loading time x -  
2complex Shock   x x  
303 Acme   - x  
40k(m) Ultraforce   - x  
60 BR W Coma   x x  
Afterdeath Realtime long loading time, unstable startup - x x
Again Orange   x x  
Alpha Prone mem615k mem x x x
Alto Knallo Free Electric Band   - x  
Anataus Fit   x -  
Ankka 5 Coders uses MidasSoundSystem x x  
Another one Brainlez Coders   x x  
Antz in the Pants Boone Crew uses MidasSoundSystem x x  
Aris Iso ? x -  
Assembler Instinct Gollum 600k memmem x x  
Babytro Nostalgia reduce Mem to 4MB, gfx bugs x -  
Balanse Infernal   x x  
Baninaz Opium shows runtime error 200 but continues to run x -  
Beltraktor Karakulum   x x  
Black and White Distorsion Mode X x x  
Black Ice Success   - x  
Blue Steel Acme   x x  
Brtts Spantobi Family   - x  
Bug Acme   x x  
Bullet Realm mem x x  
BurnBabyBurn Maximum uses Midas 0.6, playback slow x -  
Calzone Army Boots Inc.   x x  
Catchup! Grif 580k mem, disable DPMImem x -  
Chapi Chapo Aegis   x -  
Cheese #1 TkB Diskmag x x  
Cheese #2 TkB Diskmag x x  
Chromatiks various groups Musicdisk x -  
Cinemania Promise VESA - x x
Cocktail Alien   x x  
Cocoon Surprise!   x -  
Compost Orange   x -  
Conviction Fatal Justice   x -  
Core Stasis   x -  
Corruption SOS (?)   x x  
Cosmos Live   x x  
Cupidity Cubic   x x  
Cyanide Oxygen   x -  
Cyboman tPolm   x x  
Cyborg Just For Fun   x x  
Cycle War Distorsion   x x  
Dancing Shadows Zoran edit dshadows.vto - demo is extremely unstable x x  
Dark Silence (?) Surprise (?)   x x  
Darkover Psionics   x -  
Das Grelle Gollum   x x  
Dawnscar Arkham uses Midas, slow timing x -  
Dead on Arrival ACME   x x  
Deadline Purple   x -  
Debut Darkzone   x x  
Deeper Meaning of a Tunnel Tpolm   x x  
Denonde Corporation Purple   x x  
Deus Ex Machina STG VESA-Gfx-Mode - x  
Disorder Halcyon   x -  
Ditch Spirit   x -  
Dogson Elektroflux   x -  
Dreamsteal Surprise! Prod.   x x  
Drums & Pipes Surprise! Productions Musicdisk x x  
Enagi Lost uses MidasSoundSystem x x  
Encore 2 (Joe Mix) Tpolm   x x  
Enjoy these moments Thaumaturge   x -  
ETL (?) Symptom   x x  
Euskal 3 Invtro Iguana   x -  
Excess Void   x x  
Expression Abstract Concepts   x x  
Faces Nostalgia   x x  
Facts of Live - House Part Witan   x x  
Fanatic Myriad   x -  
Fashion (?) ?   - x  
Fasszomul Firg   - x  
Fistropia Deadline   x -  
Fix Xenon Development   x -  
Fjomptro II Rectum Cauda   - x  
Flow (?) ?   x x  
Friends will be Friends Straight Line Connection   x x  
Genesis Dosis uses Midas 0.60 x x  
Gertrude in Red Hungary Tpolm   x x  
Goldorak RealTime   x -  
Great Lovemachine Pope Tpolm   - x  
Guggle Me Doomsday   x x  
Hard Rox Skal   - x  
Hellizer Queue Members Group In case it starts it works fine under Win2k x x  
Hellraiser Megabusters   x x  
Hemp! Live   x x  
Heretical Arteffect VESA musicdisc - x  
High Deeps Core Image Graphics broken under Win2k x x  
High Voltage Inquisition VESA or fakemode x x  
Hoppla (?) Funk   - x  
Hue Cochone Kloon   x x  
In Absence Of Minor Fudge   x x  
Indaba Fudge   x -  
Indigo Purple   x x  
Indztro Illbyte   x -  
Into the Dark Halcyon   x -  
Into thin Air Phrenetics VESA 1.2 x -  
Intrance Phantom   x -  
Jurassic Ass A-Men PC   x x  
Just Legend Design   x x  
Just TKB Slow sound and buggy gfx under Win2k - x  
Kasvis 2 Brainlez Coders   x -  
Kesa Symptom   - x  
Lamergency Derceto and Dot / Unicorn Broken timing with GUSemu32 x x x
Legend Impact Studios   x x  
Levitations Faculty Crashes after some time - x  
Licht Haujobb works under XP, uses VESA, Midas06 x x  
Lifeforms Halcyon   x -  
Loco Cryonics VESA-Gfx-Mode - x  
Love Live!   x x  
Luminous Scoop!   x -  
Man at Work Chopati   x -  
Megacity X 2000 Phrenetics   x -  
Mekka 96 Report Sanction VESA - x  
Mighty Xtacy   x -  
Model0 Analogue   x x  
Money Hyperopia VESA - x  
Mood Universe uses Midas x -  
NAID 1995 Video gatherum Dungeon Dwellers Design party report x x  
Natural Sympathy   - x  
Netty TPOLM   x -  
New World Order #8 ? VESA diskmag, start in fullscreen under Win2k x x -
No great shakes Core & Amour   - x x
Noname (?) DCC VESA, Uses DMA - x x
Nope Compsex Medialabs   x x  
NOT! Blasm   x -  
Nothing Interpretor / Noware   x x  
Nova Overflow   x -  
NYCD Thaumaturge   x -  
Objection Spirit   x x  
Optically Morbid 7p   x -  
Over The Edge Sorrox   x x  
Paestro 2 Fobia Design   x x  
Paimen Coma   - x  
Pallo Perox 9 CUC Makers VESA - x  
Paroxysm Cheese Team   - x  
Paroxysm 2 Kip Brigade   x x  
Partaitiö tAAt oldschool demo 2002 - use Usmplay instead of Midas x x  
Peace Promise   - x  
Perec Ümlaüt Design   x -  
Performance Logic Design   x x  
Plural Bazz Turbo Bazz Lovers VESA - x  
Poor Majic 12 Port220 only x x  
Power Light   x x  
Professor Nutbutter Mindprobe   x -  
Project XYZ Orange   - x  
Projection Sorrox   - x  
Psalm Fresh   x x  
Psychadelic Assignment Opium Runtime error 200 x -  
Pullover #1 Exhumers Diskmag, uses DMA x -  
Pulp Zool Designs   x x  
Pumpa Kamu   x -  
Pure Dignity in Bottle Dignity   x -  
Rebel Riffs tracks (.exe format) Rebel Riffs Various tracks with integrated exe player - x  
Relaxed Xeed   x x  
Religion Xtacy   x x  
Rhino (?) ? ModeX x -  
Second Christianity INF   x -  
Seeds Abstract Concepts   x x  
Serious Jeskola   - x  
Shamaani Complex   x x  
Sheer Heart Attack the Lords Of The Bits / Zoran   x -  
Shima Arkham slow playback x -  
Shine Mad Team   - x  
Shotgun Mindprobe   x -  
Show Majic 12 mem x -  
Silence Hysteria   x x  
Sixplus Code Artists   x x  
Skumle Planer Purple   x -  
Slagroom Rubba Design   x x  
Smegma Success   x x  
Smile 2 Brainlez Coders   x x  
Smoke Live Haplo+Ukko slideshow, uses VESA+Mouse - x  
So be it Xtacy   x x  
Spasmo - Impossible Mission HirnTod   x x  
Spleen Logrus   - x x
Stars Nooon   - x  
Static Hype Proxima   x x  
Station Albert Hoffman Paragon   x - -
Stoerfall Ost Strontium 90 Port 220h only x -  
Subception United Force   - x  
Subconscious tdc   x x  
Super Television Orange   x -  
Superman Fantasies TPOLM sound playback sometimes broken under Win9x/ME x x  
Tartopom Lego System VESA - x  
The Easy Way Out Kip Brigade   x x  
The Final Tyo   x x  
The Final Option Phantom Dezign may need fiddling around with fullscreen and windowed display under 9x to fool gfx card test x x  
The Fulcrum Matrix VESA-Gfx-Mode x x  
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Surprise! Prod. disable EMS x -  
The Journey Keen like Frogs disable EMS, uses V-Retrace x -  
The Prologue Legend Design DMA upload takes some time x -  
The Real Thing Capacalla   - x  
The Rear Thing Brainlez Coders   x -  
The Recipe Fudge uses Midas Sound System x x  
The Search For The Holy Halibut Twilight Zone   x -  
The Spinning Wheel Rema less compatible SVGA x x  
Theta Quad   x -  
Timeless Tran sound completely corrupted x -  
Too late Dead Line Production   x x  
Trekmo Patrick Aalto   - x  
Trip into your mind Norferin   x -  
Transformation Black Rainbow   x x  
Up! Surprise! Productions Port 220h only x x  
Varis Salient Demo Force   x -  
Viagra Mewlers   x x  
Vinkuva Sika Hirmu   - x  
Wallys Musicdisk Vol.1 The Lords of the Bits   x x  
Wake Up Symptom (?)   - x  
Wavy Eclipse   x -  
Who cares anyway The Clan   - x  
WijPoepenMaarWatRaak Genuine:Majestic   x x  
Xamen Solid   x x  
Xaos Mist mem x x  


The list above does not apply for all programes in all cases. The results may vary, especially under Windows 9x and DOS, depending on the hardware and software configuration.
If you can provide more information about missing or incorrectly listed entries, please mail them directly to

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