JoystickMouseTool Manual


JoystickMouseTool allowing the mouse cursor to be controlled by a joystick. It emulates the three standard mouse buttons, extra mouse buttons, a mouse wheel and supports both relative and absolute positioning modes.


  1. Windows95/NT/2000 or higher
  2. A joystick supported by Windows

The tool supports all programs using the standard windows functions for mouse input. It does not work with programs retrieving mouse data at a lower level.


After starting the program a small icon shows up in the task bar:

normal joymouse iconEither the normal joystick mouse icon indicating the tool beeing active
inactive joymouse iconor a crossed joystick mouse icon indicating the tool beein in idle state

The tool switches to idle state automatically if the joystick is not connected or switched off. A left click on the icon will open the setup dialog, a double click will close it.


setup dialog

After a right click on the tray icon the following options are available:

Tips and tricks

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