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More fun with the hardcore gamer config

There are enough Cheats and Hex-Edit-Tricks! This page shows you to set things no setup will tell you about! Higher Resolutions, new Modes and less Problems offered by these tips!

Duke Nukem 3D

If you want other resolutions than the one offered in setup create them on their own. Open the file duke3d.cfg in the DukeNukem directory with a Text editor, e.g. Notepad. The numbers after the ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight entries define the screen mode. Replace them by any other value, e.g. 640*480, 320*200, 800*600, 1024*768. Maybe the GFX card also offers modes like 300*400 or 720*480. A List of all Modes can be retrieved using Tools like SiSoftSandra under Graphic - VESA-Modes. For using these modes, also set ScreenMode to 1. Other values activate a Red/Green 3D view or CrystalEyes 3D-Glasses or optimize it for certain GFX cards.

Hint: The file user.con defines the strength of the enemies and weapons. If the file game.con is altered one can even change the behaviour of the complete game... If playing over a network, all should have the same *.con Files, otherwise it wonīt work correctly.

Quake I

This milestone supports some command line parameters optimizing performance under Win95:
With -winmem XX one can give more memory to the game where XX is the amount of mem in MB. Recommended values are between 16 and 32. With -winlock one can prevent harddisk swapping (if there is enough RAM).
As an owner of a 3D GFX card one should get the GLQuake-Version at the ID-Server (see also Games and OpenGL). You will be surprised how new Quake will look like!

Age Of Empires

Is plenty of command line parameters:
With MidiMusic one hears MIDI music instead of CD music. Sounds even better on good sound cards. The parameters 640, 800 and 1024 activate other resolutions and NoStartup disables video playback on startup.
AoE via Network
The performance over TCP/IP is much better than IPX/SPX, even over Ethernet (LAN). Since Version 1.0a (Patch) it is possible to use the parameter Limit=XXX for increasing the size of each population up to 200 individuals by replacing XXX with the size of the population. Only works in network play.



If the screen flickers a lot or is divided into several sections the VESA BIOS of the card is the cause: Especially VESA 2.0 causes this. Install the VESA 1.2 drivers, try to get a new GFX card bios or use UniVBE (21-Day evaluation version).

WipeOut - DOS Version

This game can run completely from CD. If it doesnīt run under Win95, directly start Wipegame.exe on the CD and forget about the video.

Shadow Warrior

If one wants to do Lo Wang on a network but does not have a CD next to him just use the -nocd parameter. Works with sw.exe as well as with setup.exe .
There is a DOS-Glide accelerated version at www.3dfx.com, too. It also supports the -nocd parameter.

OpenGL accelerated 3D-Games

Although Direct3D is the standard for 3D-accelerated games, there are plenty of games only supporting OpenGL. This is not a problem, the OpenGL drivers from ATI (RagePro and above), nVidia, 3Dfx, Matrox and Co work all fine with these games. If possible, install the ICD-Driver, it offers more options than the MCD-Driver, which covers only a subset of OpenGL. If there are several 3D cards in the PC, the one whose opengl32.dll file is in the game directory is preferred by the game.
One can also use an MCD while an ICD is installed.
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