JoystickCursorTool Manual


JoystickCursorTool is a small utility simulating keyboard keys using a joystick. It can be used for keyboardless navigation in browsers and file managers, playing games without native joystick support, using the joystick port for electronic interfaces without needing to write a joystick driver as well as other situations where only a small subset of the keyboard is typically used.


  1. Windows95/NT/2000/XP or higher
  2. A joystick supported by Windows (installed as primary or secondary joystick)
  3. Up to 4 axes, 16 buttons and point-of-view are supported

The tool supports all programs using the standard windows driver for keyboard input. It does not always work with programs retrieving keyboard data at a lower level like the Win9x DOS box.


After starting the program a small icon shows up in the task bar:

normal joycur iconEither the normal joystick cursor icon indicating the tool beeing active
inactive joycur iconor a crossed joystick cursor icon indicating the tool beein in idle state

The tool switches to idle state automatically if the joystick is not connected or switched off. A left click on the icon will open the setup dialog, a double click will close it.


A standard setting is included, but you might also define your own. This allows using the remaining buttons as well as the other axes. After a right click the following options are available:

setup dialog

Assigning keys to the joystick

Key assignment is straightforward, although a bit unusual:

  1. Press the Associated Key field you want to modify. It´s when changes to -- Choose key --
  2. Move the joystick or press the joystick button(s) you want to use. The associated row reflects the current joystick state.
  3. Once you´ve found a suitable setting assign press the keyboard key you want to assign it to.

Repeat this sequence for every assignment you want to change.

Tips and tricks

Multiple joystick and settings support

The Joystick Cursor Tool supports multiple settings for various purposes

Assigning a sequence of arbitrary keys to an axis using axis mode

You can enable a sequence of keys to an axis. Each key maps to a specific range on that axis and will be triggered whenever the axis position enters that range. This functionality is primarily intended for using rudders or knobs as a volume control or virtual gas pedal.

Portable mode

Whenever there is a joycur.cfg file in the program directory, the tool reads the settings out of this one rather than the system registry. This allows you to move the settings to a different computer or to store them in different locations by renaming or copying the file. In order to reuse it, just pass it on the command line or drag&drop it onto the tools program icon.

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